Rundown of 8 Best Cars in Rocket League

Octane - it is a strong and all-around powerful vehicle, which is appropriate to the two amateurs and veterans. With smooth driving inclination and not too bad hitbox, it's intended to suit the broadest scope of playstyles.

Dominus - together of the supported vehicles, it's increasingly ideal for those that worth force and offense. With a strong, level and medium-stature fabricate, it permits players to hit the ball as often as possible and successfully.

Breakout - Featuring a blocky and unappealing structure, it's an effective vehicle with versatility and speed. Its level top makes it simple for players to hit balls straightforwardly into the objective.

Mantis - it's a long vehicle, which permits players to shroud the ball without breaking a sweat, particularly at ground level.

Radiance - it's a concise vehicle with a tight hitbox and furthermore an inside and out strong and adaptable vehicle.

Takumi - With a smooth vibe, it's anything but difficult to deal with and amusing to play with.

Batmobile - Featuring a particular structure and level shape, it permits you to spill and control the ball without any problem.

Merc - it's a major and robust vehicle that is agreeable to drive. yet it's bad at dealing with and boosting, it does well in quality and size.

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