Life as a rat in Tarkov parlance

In Tarkov parlance, a rat may be a player who creeps their way around raids. They avoid firefights, devour everything they will see, and cargo their backpack Tetris style to be as profitable as possible. it'd not be crammed with exciting gunfights, but the way of the rat life can cause some fat stacks of roubles. These are the players who set their movement speed to rock bottom possible option and creep their way around a raid. The players who hear gunshots within the next building and go prone, skulking back to the foilage and a few measure of safety.

Death are some things EFT players are really frightened of . Dying means not just losing within the raid: you furthermore may lose most of your EFT Items. it's going to take hours to farm enough cash to get a favorite gun or necessary mod.

There's no got to suffer: almost everything in Tarkov are often purchased.LOLGA guarantees quick delivery and any amount you would like .