What was the moment that got you hooked on Path of Exile?

What was the instant that got you hooked on the game?
It wasn’t one moment. Even in 2013, Path of Exile was such a sophisticated game that it took months to completely appreciate it. That said, I can detect a couple of exciting events. I remember I’d been wishing for years for more RPGs that took character customisation seriously without having turn-based or terrible gameplay, in order that first time seeing the passive tree was definitely more of a “Hell yes!” on behalf of me than the “What the hell?” that i do know many of us experience. Getting my first real build (Marohi Ground Slam, already going out of favor in early 2013 if we’re being honest) to endgame after two or three false starts made me desire i used to be beginning to understand the sport , though i used to be so wrong. About 100 hours into Docks farming with Spork totems (now there’s the 2013 meta we knew and loved!) i used to be definitely hooked. At some point much later, the aim of temporary leagues clicked on behalf of me , which was once I realised i might be playing this game for years and years. Certainly never expected to finish over here though!

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