The WoW Classic community has exploded over this flip of activities

Naturally, the WoW Classic community has exploded over this flip of activities. "Karma, Grizzly. Eat it. As a Sulfuras Horde principal, all I have to say to WOW Classic Boosting you men... L O L," wrote one player at the subreddit."

"To all of the different Alliance players on Sulfuras: I actually am sorry it had to come to this," wrote another player. "I'm sorry that Grizzly selected our formerly terrific server to come back to and royally fuck it up for every person. I'm sorry that a unmarried guild in your faction managed to force the complete server to the brink of catastrophe. But I'm not sorry for the horde sooner or later doing some thing approximately it. You have the electricity to make those fuckers pay, make sure they're welcome nowhere ever again and we are able to go returned to the manner it changed into—amusing."

Even days later, the Classic subreddit is complete of memes mocking Grizzly From Reddit and praising the Horde guilds who effectively denied its gamers the title of Scarab Lord. So a long way, however, Sulfuras seems to be the handiest server that fell sufferer to vicious backstabbing and war—although most popular servers have already finished the occasion. Though there may be been drama in other servers as guilds struck underneath-the-desk deals to earn the identify, the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj international event seems to have passed without a whole lot fanfare. But it's fascinating to peer how WoW Classic is rewriting records because it relives a moment that fashioned World of Warcraft nearly 15 years in the past.