Perpetuating the idea that Among Us Impostors can pop up everywhere

Perpetuating the idea that Among Us Impostors can pop up everywhere, Reddit user Maybe_its_Maybelline shared a video displaying an Among Us Impostor falling out of a tree in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and chasing a helpless player. After catching up to Animal Crossing Items for Sale the Animal Crossing individual, the Impostor assaults in natural Among Us style through snapping the AC person’s neck and ripping their head off their body, complete with the fiery Among Us death animation. True to Animal Crossing’s shape of debate, a bubble appears at the bottom of the screen pronouncing, “Ow! Ow ow ow… The Impostor killed me!” Fans inquisitive about the video can view it under.

Thanks to previous excursion activities in New Horizons and different Animal Crossing video games, gamers have a terrific glimpse into the future for what they may see this December. With Toy Day because of make a reappearance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has keen players waiting for greater updates and teasers for what can be anticipated this holiday season, whilst Jingle the reindeer will go back and go to their city with a bag complete of goodies for each island resident.

When the festivities start, you’ll be visited with the aid of Jack the Halloween Czar, a legitimately unnerving presence at the island. He will task you as his minion, and ask you to accumulate lollipops to sate his darkish purposes. If you deliver him a bit of candy, he’ll come up with “Jack’s Face” as a hat. Another one, and he’ll provide you with “Jack’s Robe” to complete the cosplay.