Rocket League Ultimate Edition includes the DLC

Rocket League: Ultimate Edition includes the DLC that incorporates the original sport--Chaos Run, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Supersonic Fury--and the four Battle-Cars blanketed within the Rocket League Collector's Edition: Esper, Masamune, Aftershock, and Marauder. The Ultimate Edition also adds the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack, DC Super Heroes DLC %, and the Proteus, Triton, and Vulcan Battle-Cars. All of these updates come preloaded at the disc or cartridge, so you might not ought to Rocket League Credits punch in a code to download all the automobiles and accessories.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack consists of the Batmobile from the movie. The Batmobile has proven to be one among Rocket League's most popular Battle-Cars--its wide and flat hit box makes it easy for players to dribble past fighters, whether or not at the ground or within the air. The % also consists of 3 antenna flags, each dedicated to one in every of DC Comic's well-known trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

The DC Super Heroes DLC Pack provides the Batmobiles from 2012's Dark Knight Rises and 1989's Batman. The two Battle-Cars haven't visible a good deal recognition in Rocket League's competitive scene. The same may be stated for Buy Rocket League Credits the Proteus, Triton, and Vulcan.