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International Agency is one of the leading modeling agencies around the world
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is a multi-ethnic modeling agency where talented Fashion Designer, Dancer,
Singer, Actor and Actress meet together to achieve their dream.

Do you
have what it takes to be a top model? We seek men and women between the ages of
0 and 65 who are ready to take their modelling careers to the next level.

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membership is just £10 and enables you to upload five images.

Advanced membership for £20, you can upload up
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the perfect models for your shoot or show with the expertise of 2Model
International Agency. We provide exquisite models for print, television, and
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International Agency supply models ranging in age from 18 to 65, including
runway models, print models, commercial models and shoe models to name a few!

the fastest-growing modelling agency in the country from anywhere in the world!

We are open to both men and women, aged 0 to 65
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