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Shortly after this, James asked Ron to start work on the technology to get to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. For the first few years Ron carried out smallscale component testing in the laundry of his modest terrace in Sydney TMs west, including work on the allimportant central sphere.

The BBC says: "Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has spotted a swirling green mass of gas at the south pole of Saturn's moon Titan. Scientists think the formation of the vortex at Titan's south pole may be related to the coming southern winter and the start of what will be a south polar hood. On Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus and Earth, similar vortices are centered on the north or south pole.

Despite this gig being early doors (opened at 6.30pm), the band didn take to the stage until almost 9pm by which time enough anticipation had been building. They sauntered on as if they were already the biggest band in the world and launched into their set.

They earned the final three spots that opened after a rash of injuries knocked out at least four players who would have been on the team. They beat out Eric Gordon, Rudy Gay and No. Please refer to pages 16 through 19 of our 2009 Form 10K and pages 7 and 8 of our June 30, 2010 Form 10Q for a more complete description of these risks. We undertake no duty to update any of the forwardlooking statements in this release..

ManU is cruising towards the EPL title are you stunned? "Great, I did not believe at the beginning because we were looking lethargic. I also want to say that while we were doing our job, ManCity is not doing well presently, that gives us an edge; we just keep cruising, but don't forget we were at this same position last season and somehow, it crumbled.

The government has looked at what we're doing and is saying that those people already have access to those particular services at Princess Court. Therein lies the problem they're not going to fund both programs for the same service.". That's a bit of a puzzle. But I still think we will see worse economic outcomes in Canada than we've seen so far.
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