When I reached out to Wildcard in August

Even before this lawsuit, I had been curious about the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved. In mid-2015, around the time Ark first launched on Steam Early Access, I got several tips about Stieglitz’s involvement with the game. One anonymous tipster claimed in an e-mail that Stieglitz was Ark’s lead designer. Not long afterwards, a source who had worked with Stieglitz told me they’d heard the same thing, and that the game showed signs of Stieglitz’s handiwork. When I reached out to Wildcard in August of last year, months before Trendy’s lawsuit, the studio’s CEO Doug Kennedy brushed me off. I’d asked him if Stieglitz was involved with the game, but he wouldn’t answer. (Stieglitz has not returned requests for comment https://www.onlinegameshop.com/ark-survi … items .)

Lawyers for Trendy raise the point that Jeremy Stieglitz’s wife and studio co-founder, Susan Stieglitz, used her maiden name (Susan Browning) in registration forms for Wildcard but her married name (Susan Stieglitz) for her other business, a bakery in Gainesville, Florida. Trendy alleges that this was to mask her connection to Jeremy, writing in a motion that “Susan, however, is not a software engineer or designer—she is in the business of selling cupcakes.”