Lose because of defensive issues

The Lakers lost to the Lone Ranger today at 123-130. The Lakers' Julius Randle after the match accepted an interview with the media.

"We did not play defense, lack of communication, I think almost exactly because of the lack of communication, did not talk about how to change things, playing all night anxious, performance is not stable enough," Randall said https://www.onlinegameshop.com .

In today's game, Randall played 37 minutes, 14 shots in 10, got 26 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

Speaking of the team's performance, Randall said: "Offensive is not a problem, we can score, we have very talented players, the problem is defense."

"It's not IT (Isaiah-Thomas), it's a problem for all of us, we're not good defensively, and from what I started with Josh (Hart), we did not communicate and I'm responsible." Del said.

Randall went on to say: "It's very easy to talk to each other. At the last minute, we did not talk to each other on the defensive end. We could have played defensively, but we did not, and we did not talk."

"We're going to regain defense, we lose because of the defensive problems, we need to re-play defense," Randall said.