Even though the bride gets to finalize the style, color, accessories, and what not of your dress, don't be afraid to voice your opinion about the same and help her pick out dresses for the bridal party that are ...

Tricky doesn't even begin to describe the path to finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Before taking Instagram- and Pinterest-worthy wedding pictures, there is a huge task of coordinating the dresses that work with the bridesmaids' body types, skin tones, and haircuts. And if you thought this is too much handle, remember, we haven't even broached the subject of picking the color, design, pattern, shade, and length of the dresses.

Finding the right dress is a give-and-take process that both the bride and her bridesmaids have to follow through. With proper care and precision, you can end up with a cohesive-looking bridal party.

Being inspired by the photos on Pinterest is a good way to start, but make sure that you follow a pattern while selecting the dress. Mainly, the first thing to keep in mind is the length of the dress. Regardless of the quantity, ensure that all the dresses have almost similar hem length.

There are a lot of mix and match ideas that can be included in your mismatched bridesmaid dresses. With a variety of colors, shades, styles, fabric, designs, and lengths to choose from, make sure that the dresses have a story to tell and aren't too vague or unique from one another.
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