Philbin led the Green Bay Packers to the top ten in the league in 2010 and helped Greenpack Packers win the championship by 31 points in the final against the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl, Philbin, Rogers is very pleased .

"Joe and I are very good friends and we can be very happy for the first time we get along with him. He is a great person and a great coach and he is very happy to work with him. But we also need to know that changing It's always tough, and we not only lose teammates as friends, we lose coaches as friends and it's tough. "

Rogers also talked about his health issues, he was very satisfied with his status, MVP for Rogers is really a very simple thing. "I feel good and I started exercising again, I played golf on Wednesday and I played well, and I feel great." Rogers seemed to have been good enough to win another MVP, and Rogers never Will say disappointment to us, the last time he said so seriously "run the table", he amazing everyone, so next season let us look forward to Rogers how to compete MVP!