Grizzly Hills in Unreal Engine four

A few days agone, we have a tendency to shared Daniel L's video of buy warmane gold his Unreal Engine four vision of Durotar from World of Warcraft. Today, he is back once more, this point with the Northrend location of Grizzly Hills. Damn, folks...if only!

I do know I same the last one was gonna be the last, however I found this Grizzly Hills project I started on over a year agone, touched it up and here it's. As continuously somewhat bland while not the art kind of WoW, however there you go.

I'm not controversy that this appearance higher than WoW - the gorgeous art vogue is what makes wow look sensible, that this clearly lacks. this can be merely and solely American state having fun in Unreal four and eager to share.

Check out Daniel L's YouTube warmane medivh gold channel to envision a lot of of his superb work on recreating World of Warcraft in Unreal Engine four. BY here thanks!