And nothing compared to the past few seasons

According to San Antonio News, Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge talked about the team's next road trip.

"We have been on the road this season, so this road trip to us is just a second road trip away," Ade said.

Next, the Spurs will start six with a total journey of 6546 miles journey.

"It's nothing compared to the past few seasons," said Patti-Mills. "There are fewer races, but what's still to be said is that it's still a long run and needs to live In different hotels, after the All-Star Weekend, we have to go digging gold and knights, it really is a long way to go. "

Mills said no matter how accustomed you go to the road, road trip is very challenging.

"It's long, sometimes cruel," Mills said.

The Spurs currently rank third in the Western Conference with a 34-21 record, but they lost 10 of the past 19 games, averaging 12-15 on the road.

"My team is still making mistakes," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. "Sometimes we do not get back in defensive transitions, sometimes we do not get stuck, and sometimes Our offensive end is stuck. "

"There are some pretty good challenges ahead," Danny Green said. "They're all fast-paced teams and they've done a very good offense and they've challenged us well."

"You're going to work hard on some of the basics," Green said. "On the road, if you need something you can always get later, fortunately, we've had plenty of time on this road trip The rest time, we can reorganize it, can not think too much . "

"We have been on the road this season, always on the road," Adder reiterated.