Thanks to the program recorded during Thanksgivin

Thanks to the program recorded during Thanksgiving, the show team made a special offer of the pumpkin in the recipe for three tastings. On pumpkin pie it was something that looked like butter. Of course, all three tasters knew, They can not be cream. Verma asked, "What do you want to hear about so-called whipped cream in the name of the dish?" Katie learned the thief this time, "surely the name is cream, is not cream?" Wilma replied: Cashew nuts, this time with some coconut meat, are tender, rather than too old. "He then asked a group of shell-like parts of the outer pumpkin pie," What's this? " Woody replied: "It's just nuts ."

Taste all three dishes, the two former NFL players have been retired finally given the evaluation, Weiermaranran said: "If I have to eat these to win several Super Bowl, I need to carefully consider." Woody And Wilmar almost, although as Brady's former team-mate, but he is also unacceptable to eat such food every day, "If you tell me eat these things will make me a champion, my answer is not sure Do not do this. "