Eagle 10 points advantage into the locker room. The first half of Buy FIFA Coins, Rocket League Trading, Madden Coins and NBA Live Coins Online the summary is: the first half of the mad attack! If the eagles do not make mistakes, their pre-match layout patriots, but! On the spot, the eagle can not help but make mistakes, or the vast experience gap between the two sides, the Patriots forced the eagle continue to make mistakes, so that the last breath of the Patriots continued, will not appear the Mustang Seahawks tragedy.

As the Midland final, the Blue Giants withdraw Kukes prop up the scene, the field exit Kuks, the Blue Giant must wake up, the first half toward his direction 5 pass 1, not the other side of the crazy double-team, but the Blue Giant Find the wrong target. Just half of the defensive strategy of the Hawks said, in addition to their very defensive formation in this field, the long time regional defense, unlimited defense, basically only keep their own areas, seldom be chaotic array of the Patriots, but the disadvantages are two Cornerback only stick to their own side, easily attacked, the first half Gelongkosiji crazy from the right side trying to overwhelm the "green top" Mills, but did not expect frequent setbacks, the second half just started, he will be transferred Goal, attack from the middle and on the left side, safety Weili - Graham and cornerback Ronald - Dabena Longkowski completely no way, 4 pass 4 in a touchdown, the score second Approaching 3 points!