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Put your phone on the vibrator. And worried that the filters might overflow: "who knows if this will cause problems for the neighbors or the people on the street?" An orange speaker asked France.

Henri Asenkat, President of the manufacturers and industrialist association of radio and professional radio communications (Acirp *), also reiterated his opposition to mobile interference. "We had a long discussion with ART and explained to them that we didn't agree because the ethics of the manufacturer required us to build a network," he said.

"On the other hand, we think this is a violation of European rules." In 2001, these manufacturers tried to persuade ART that the provision violated several European directives (**), without results. Although the UK, Denmark and Finland and the commission themselves had some specific ideas on the principle of the car gps jammer, the regulator submitted its decision to the ministry of industry in June 2003.

In the dark ages before the mobile phone jam, people really needed to install mobile radio communication capabilities in their cars. In the wireless telephone system, each city has a central antenna hanger, which may have 25 channels on the tower. The central antenna means that the phone in your car needs a powerful transmitter - enough to transmit 40 or 50 miles. It also means that few people can use a wireless phone - he just doesn't have enough channels.