Beijing January 25 at 03:45, Serie A ushered in a replay, Rome challenge Sampdoria, the two sides after LOLGA the game because of the flood delay. Kolarov handball first half, Quagliarella shot, easy side battles, Zheke break but offside, before the whistle Zheke break the game. The final audience battle, Roma 1-1 draw with Sampson, after encountering the five-wheeled scored temporarily 41 points ranked fifth in Serie A.

Zheke deep transfer rumors this field is still the first episode. The first two minutes, Yunderers on the left pass, Dzeko Matsunami front shot up close.

The first 12 minutes, Samp players suspected of handball restricted area, but the referee did not make it.

The first 93 minutes, the final audience battle, Roma 1-1 draw with Sampoo difficult to get 1 point.

Rome, Pellegrini outstanding ( performance, Zheke break the Savior; Sampo, Pratt active performance, Sylvie Westlake mark not to let the team miss the victory.