Before Hoffenheim's 30-year-old young Nagrugsman has always been LOLGA Bayern Munich's new coach of popular candidates, but according to the German media "Pictorial" the latest news, Bayern Munich has not considered Naggesman in the new Season as Heynckes successor.

At present, Bayern senior and many players hope Heynckes can continue to coach the team; also reported that if Heynckes left the season after the end of Bayern coach's most popular candidate is the former Dortmund coach Tuheer . Compared with Tull Hull, Nagrugs's lack of experience in the European war, the season's Champions League qualifier, Hoffenheim two negative Liverpool, the European Cup group match did not qualify, while Hoffenheim this The season did not have a stable performance in the Bundesliga.

In addition the age is Bayern must also be considered factors, Bayern's many stars are praised Heynckes's experience and father-like care, and 30-year-old Naggrund even 31 team captain Neuer even younger.

At the same time, Hoffenheim boss Hope previously said that Nagrugman will not leave the team as early as 2019. In the event of losing a number of important players, Hoffenheim needs Nagasman and the team to complete reconstruction. Bayern President Hoeness and Hope are good friends, and Hernez respects Hope's advice.