US media released offensive and defensive index chart

US data site released the season's offensive ( and defensive index chart.

The chart is divided by 100 points into four intervals, of which the horizontal axis is the offensive index, the vertical axis is the defensive index, the two indexes higher, on behalf of the offensive and defensive team the better.

Can be seen from the figure, the upper right corner of the interval is currently the most balanced offensive and defensive teams, including rockets and warriors go hand in hand, good defense, strong offensive, but also reflect the current two teams in the western performance.

Look at the defense, the Celtics ranked first, although the offensive capability can not be compared with the strong, but still can rely on tenacious defensive ranked first in the East.

Lower left corner of the range, belonging to offensive and defensive teams are not very good, can also be seen from the rankings, the eastern eagles, magic, the Bulls, the Lakers, Grizzlies, Mavericks and other teams are ranked in the top three countdown, Also in line with the team's current situation.