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Here how it works: You do 15 repetitions of the kettlebell swing (you can also use a dumbbell for this), followed immediately by 15 reps of the squat thrust. (See below for descriptions of both exercises.) Then, without resting, do another 14 reps of the swing and another 14 reps of the squat thrust. Continue this pattern until you complete only one rep of each exercise.

People are looking for things to do, quality programming. London is building now a strong regional identity as a city of culture and music. You can see Dundas Street as a place for that.. So, as you can imagine, taking on this 30 day abs challenge was very welcomed at first. My only to do before crunching on the daily was to reach out to fitness gurus to figure out what I might achieve by locking in my 50 a day. "To be honest, there are way better exercises for your core than just plain old crunches, but that's really not the point of doing a challenge." Then what was the point of a challenge like this, I asked him? "Challenges have end dates so there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, which helps people following through with said challenge," he told me.

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