Atletico Madrid prepares to sell Gletzman

Reported that Atletico Madrid prepared to ( ) sell Gelizi Man, Manchester United led the team joined the competition.

French star Gletszman said he is ready to leave this summer, his liquidated damages up to 89 million euros.

Manchester United tried to sign Gliezman last year, but the French decided to stay at the Atletico Madrid, which eventually converted the United goal. But now Atletico Madrid is ready to sell Geliziman, at the same time, the team coach Simon Simone may also leave.

Real Madrid is also interested in Gletzman but they think the transfer is difficult to achieve, because Barcelona before the goal is Gletzman. But now that Barcelona has signed Kudiniao.

Manchester United will have more candidates on the offensive after the introduction of Glitzman. Gelitzman's termination fee in the current market is a very good value, but Atletico can try to ask for more transfer fee. Gletszman said he wants to decide where he wants before this year's World Cup. He knows Manchester United are interested in him, he personally also tend to go to the Premier League.