Former rocket boss Alexander

Former Rockets boss Leslie Alexander ( interviewed said he missed the time with an NBA team.

Alexander sold the rocket before and said he was still watching the rocket and liked the rocket very much. He said: "Of course, the big difference now is that when I win or lose, I no longer have that kind of thing Incredibly life-and-death experience, not as invested before. "

In addition, Alexander said the days were tough when he just sold the team, saying: "Yes, you always miss something you enjoy and I can only use other ways to make up." "

Alexander said he missed the day he owned the team and said he was a bit sad when he formally sold the team, saying: "Of course it's part of life and you miss something as good as that. It's for sure of."

Speaking of the current record of the Rockets, Alexander said: "It is a great thing to know your team has been so successful. You always want to have a nice ending."