Messi contract has a new clause

According to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, Messi added a new clause to ( his new contract: Messi could leave Barcelona without charge if Catalonia was independent.

Gato's independence movement has affected Messi, according to "Le Monde" disclosure, Messi added a clause with the renewal of Barcelona: If Cayetai independent, Messi must be effective in a European top league team. In the existing Spanish sports law, Barcelona is impossible to be able to participate in La Liga or other European League after independence.

Under such circumstances, when Gatari was independent and Barcelona was unable to attend La Liga, Messi had the right to leave Barcelona without paying any fees. This also means that Barcelona in Messi contract to join the 700 million euros liquidated damages, in this case completely null and void.

"Le Monde" said the same applies to any other Barcelona players, because in the case of independence Gatcheon, the environment belongs to the entire contract has changed.

In European and American legal systems, such clauses are called "change of circumstances", that is, one of the parties has the right to propose a request for amendment or abolition of a contract when there is a huge change in circumstances and circumstances.