C Lo will not play in the King Cup

According to "Marca" said, against Numancia's King Cup 1/8 finals, C Lo will not play. If Real Madrid eliminated opponents into the quarter-finals, C Luo also may not play, unless Real Madrid draws a very strong (www.lolga.com) opponent in the draw.

C Lo's plan, like in 2017, to reduce the number of matches, to prepare for the Champions League event. This is C Luo and his team after getting Zidane's permission to jointly make the decision, so that Zidane can give the bench more opportunities in the King's Cup match, but also to meet the needs of C Luo rotation , You know, the Portuguese are 33 years old this year, he started in 2017 to change their sports programs, more scientifically planning their own body, learn to take a break, so that in the key competition after shining.