I had believed that the Knicks would give me a contract

Today Bulls striker Justin Horaderty spoke (www.lolga.com ) in an interview about his decision to leave the Knicks and join the Bulls during the offseason.

"I was convinced the Knicks would offer a contract at the time, but they did not give me a contract shortly after the free agent opened, and they communicated with me about the situation, so I do not really hate the Knicks right now. Believe, if I continue to wait, they will give me the contract, but at the same time, you will never know what will happen.Here they say they want to spend some time in the free agent market, to do something to solve some problems, But they wanted me back to the team, and they clearly expressed the hope that I would be back, "said Holrarghi.

When talking about his performance last season, Holliday said: "To me, last season was incredible. I know the outside world must think I'm crazy, but I did a good job last season. I can At Madison Square Garden, I learned a lot with my teammates and I also played some important games organic, such as Christmas, a major step in my career. "

This year's offseason, Holliday and Bulls reached a two-year, $ 9 million contract.

So far this season regular season, Hollotti averaged 33.5 minutes, 13.4 points and 4.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists 1.21 steals 0.64 blocks.