Montella will end his coaching career in Milan

Montella will end his coaching ( career in Milan, his next stop is Seville, Spain.

It is reported that the Rossoneri have agreed to release, as long as the two sides reached a formal agreement, Montella will sign with Seville to become the club's new head coach. The new contract will be signed until June 2019.

After coming to Seville, Montella will set up a coaching team based on his vision. It is reported that Montella hopes to invite former Sevilla midfielder Italy Enzo - Maresca as his assistant coach. Just days before Christmas, Maresca returned to work, just a week before he had surgery.

Although Walter Mazari is also one of the team's new head coaches, the Spanish club sees Montella as the most team-friendly head coach and is considered number one in the team's new head coach.

Monterra started his coaching career at the age of 43 in Rome, where he moved to Catania, Florence and Sampdoria and took over as Milan coach on June 29, 2016, and has been teaching for more than a year now.