Sunderland player Watermore was seriously injured again last month and his left knee cruciate ligament rips off for at least 10 months. This was the second time he had been hit hard by his career that Watamore was absent for more than six months last year for the same injuries that he had just returned early last month.

Know that Walter Moore suffered two consecutive years in the same serious injury, Real Madrid President Florentino specially sent a letter to Watermore condolences, Real Madrid wrote in the letter: "I represent all Real Madrid staff to (click You send blessing, and we hope you will get back to the stadium soon.

Walter Moore's father thanked Real Madrid via social networks: "If my son is a famous player, then this letter may not be so surprised, but we really did not expect Real Madrid will write to us. Real Madrid gave me great son It's a great club, and now Watamore is not optimistic, I do not know when he will recover, and if he can return to court in September next year, it's the best. "