Golden Goose Saldi create a niche in lingerie

<P>Frederika Cook set up Dietrich in 2008 with the philosophy that she would <B><a href="">Golden Goose Saldi</a></B> create a niche in lingerie, drawing inspiration from haute couture and old Hollywood glamor. She set out to create lingerie as a parfumeur would craft a fragrance, taking a base note as structure, middle note as fabrics and the top note as the finishing touches (trims, skins, leathers.), all made in England or France. </P>
<P>She realizes "a lot of people want vintage and previously owned clothing, but perhaps they dont know where to find it or how to style it, and they sure as hell dont have time or the desire to figure it all out. Thats where wed like to come in. We would love to be a go-to for people who love the find more than they love the hunt. No sifting through bins, no hour-long thrifting marathons, just the end goal — that perfect previously loved treasure, all washed up and steamed, wrapped in a neat little package, and delivered to their doorstep. Wed really love to just inject some ease into the whole process for those who, unlike us, dont live for digging elbows deep in piles of musty old clothes."</P>
<P>See all the looks and read our review of the Bottega Veneta collection.Iceberg“Great collection I thought. Not only for the <STRONG> </STRONG>vivid colors for a fall collection that were what first got my attention but also the richness of the fabrics and how it seems to be flattering despite their thickness.” [WilhelmF]</P>