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<P>The cost of cybercrimeThe cyberattack occurred on one of Zappos' servers located in Kentucky, through which the hacker was able to gain access to part of the company's internal network and systems. Company CEO Tony Hsieh said in an email to employees that Zappos is working with law enforcement to undergo an "exhaustive investigation."</P>
<P>"The new CEO is <B><a href="">Golden Goose</a></B> likely to strike an ambitious tone on margin," UBS analysts wrote in a note last week as they upgraded Adidas to "buy". "We see opportunity for Adidas to surprise on sales growth, gross margin and operating leverage."</P>
<P>But to power future growth, it's begun to build an empire of luxury brands. fashion chain Express to shut all 17 stores in CanadaHudson's Bay posts $152million quarterly net lossThe company bought shoe maker Stuart Weitzman in 2015 in a deal valued at up to $574 million, but the Kate Spade brand is its biggest acquisition yet. </P>
<P>For the girls selection, the seemingly most popular shoe appears to be the Snapdragon Ballet Flat that retails for $19.99 and comes in brown or eggplant with a line white design flower motif.</P>
<P>Whether you dreamed of your own fairy tale cottage in the woods or a Lost Boysstyle tree hideaway, click through to see nine homes that might make you believe in happilyeverafter.</P>
<P>As soon as the shoes come out of the box (and before they go anywhere outside), you will need to give them a thorough spray to help safeguard against stains <STRONG> </STRONG>and splashes.</P>
<P>The other day, I purchased a pair of shoes online that I wanted badly ever since I saw them with one of my friend. This pair was quite costly, so I had saved money for two whole months just to buy it. When I finally got them, I dyed them from white to offwhite. After all this, I decided to wear them at a friend's birthday party; you know how we always have this innate wish to show off anything new we have purchased. It is here that my celebrity mood waned off and I felt extremely uncomfortable wearing those shoes, as they were very loose from the toe end. I made calls to see if I can return that pair, but since I had already dyed them, it was of no use. I frantically searched for some of the best insoles to be put in so that it should at least feel comfortable.</P>
<P>NYGLY1 is part of the qualitycontrol system for targeting and degrading misfolded proteins, and the NYGLY1 gene, which is highly conserved across species, is intolerant to any functional mutation. Presumably the rarity of such a mutation accounts for its not having been described previously. The advent of WGS no doubt made its discovery possible, but the speed with which data on farflung isolated cases were collected required the doggedness of desperate parents who were able to connect the dots using shoeleather detective work. Their story, outlined in an accompanying Commentary, may yield lasting lessons for the medical genetics community. Armed with knowledge of a gene candidate ascertained at Duke University, the father of one affected child recounted his family odyssey in a blog post that was to be the catalyst for discovery. Other families recognized their own children symptoms after reading the post and advocated for the gene sequencing that confirmed the culprit gene. These families are now calling for better bioinformatics tools and a national repository where families and scientists can search for clues in other unsolved genetic cases. The families story did not stop with diagnosis, of course; they have moved on to searching for viable treatment options. The lesson here may be that the democratizing effect of the Internet and social media has created a valuable opportunity for motivated citizens to contribute meaningfully to the research enterprise. Hede, News Editor</P>