Although wholesale halloween costumes clunky, a plastic ball protector will keep your bra from losing its shape in the washing machine.

The ball keeps your bra from getting <strong><a href="" title="wholesale halloween costumes">wholesale halloween costumes</a></strong> caught in the washing machine's agitator or on the drum, as well as being weighed by anything else in the wash.

Like <strong><a href="" title="wholesale swimwear">wholesale swimwear</a></strong> a broken wire

If <strong><a href="" title="swimwear manufacturers">swimwear manufacturers</a></strong> your underwire pokes out of your bra when you're out and about, stop in the nearest convenience store for a Band-Aid or moleskin. The adhesives can be attached to the hole in your bra for a quick fix until you get home.

Like washing your bras, tossing your bras haphazardly into your suitcase can cause wear-and-tear to the cups. A bra bag will keep your bras in shape during your travels, and you won't worry about weird creases when you arrive.

Strapless bras are notorious for falling down. Zappe says all bras, regardless of size or type, should pass the "three points of fit" test, like when the middle of your bra lays flat against your sternum. If it doesn't, however, a strapless bra can be reinforced with an extra convertible strap on top of the underwire.

Sew it in

For a specific event, say, a themed party, the right look might require that you show off your home-ec skills. Women might opt to sew in a cheap bra into their Halloween costume for some added coverage, especially if it's unlikely you'll wear the garment on multiple occasions.

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