the mini bangs on the podium

his look? ultra hard. it has opted for a skirt inspiration 'tiles to the length. at the top, a black sweater and a jacket in the same shade of coming out of the cold. in addition, it has set up a grey coat over his shoulders, an option so chic! at her feet, a pair of boots, take look dark from structured with a man's touch.

the trick of the day. as the streetstyle today, you can choose to leave your hair out of the coat in front. it gives the illusion of a square ultra board. it is a question of imagination when you bet on a wrong.

the mini bangs, the podium on the street?
the hair with <a href="">curly wigs</a> bangs are timeless. sharp, c? te or full, it can be in several forms. this season, a new variant was introduced: the mini bangs. women will take the podium at the street.