Not every game manages to launch picture perfect

Rocket League is getting a physical release on Nintendo Switch on January 16 in North America, January 24 in Australia and New Zealand, January 25 in Central Europe, and January 26 for the remaining countries: Europe, Israel, Middle East, Russia, and South Africa .

Not every game manages to launch picture perfect. A lot of games have plenty of hiccups happening behind the scenes in order to function properly. That couldn't be truer for Psyonix Studios' Rocket League, which required an insane way to keep the servers alive during launch. Somebody had to manually reboot them, every hour, all day and all night.

During the launch of the game, Psyonix was hit with a lot more traffic than the team thought it would. The influx of players during the launch of Rocket League caused so much stress on the servers that they kept shutting down. So in order to deal with the server overloads, the boss's wife would have to push the button to reset the server.