While it does not have the depth of

Franchise will let you be the GM of a team and try to take them to glory. While it doesn’t have the depth of, say, the Out of the Park franchise, for a console baseball sim it’s pretty deep. You can control minor league systems from High-A to Triple-A, it understands concepts like “Service Time” and “Options” and you can offer arbitration to players at the end of a season. And, like the main game, you can set it up to make it as easy or as complex as you want. You can switch on or off whether you can get fired, you can make it so that the AI teams always accept your bad trades (this is my newest Dave Stewart conspiracy theory), you can have the AI control certain aspects of your team for you (Setting lineups, automatically managing DL stints, etc.) Eventually, you hope to get your team to the promised land of a championship https://www.lolga.com/mlb-the-show-18-st … stubs .

Diamond Dynasty is a sort of card collecting/team building mode that seems to be in every sports game nowadays. You basically collect card packs and stubs in which to purchase them throughout your play in any game mode. Those cards are players/stadiums/etc that go on your custom team (Which you can make custom uniforms for, so that’s cool.) It’s mainly an online mode, and there are several sub-modes to it, like a 4X Space Strategy type “Conquest” mode where you win fans from other teams by... winning baseball games.