But we really can't ask the capitalists to be perfect at every stage. After all, this is their first Stanley Cup final in 20 years and the first Stanley Cup final in this team. Fortunately, the opponents they faced had less experience and experience than they did before they made the capitals inconvenient in the three quarters of the third quarter. They did not pay too much https://www.lolga.com/nhl-18-coins .

On the offensive end, the Golden Knight shot 22 shots from the last game, increased by 36% in terms of percentage, and the match rate is also against the gesture. So, when the Golden Knights were 5 to 5, the offense improved from the previous game. However, more and more people are the killers of the capitalists. They have played 60% less conversion rate in this game, scored 3 goals and opened the gap with the Golden Knights. With regard to the Golden Knights, they still continued to play in the playoffs with a low turnover rate and a low turnover rate. Counting the first two games, they have not scored more goals and scored goals eight times in a row. It's difficult to get Stanley's Cup because it's so low.