Bad snaps from the center and long snapper if the player in question is of a bad enough overall. With the revamped special teams this year that changed the punting and kicking game, let’s add a new factor in the form of long snappers. If your center gets hurt on a block and you have to replace him with a center in the mid-60s or even an offensive tackle, how does that change the game in terms of gameplan? Do you change things up and just go behind center if you mainly operate from shotgun? If your long snapper gets hurt, do you maybe go for it on fourth down when you’d normally punt? This could be a huge game changer if EA were to stop making every single snap automatic .

Gameplan adjustments from the CPU. If a second-string running back is getting hot and breaking off some big runs, then he should get some more snaps over the starter who may be struggling to get anything going. The same goes if a defense is clamping down on play action plays and longer passes, maybe we see the opposing coach start calling more runs or shorter passes.