Zach Miller continues to recover from the serious knee injury he suffered last season. However, he will continue to continue his career with the Chicago Bears.

The Bears signed a one-year contract with Miller at the price of veteran's basic salary.

Miller, 33, was previously a free agent and is unlikely to play in the 2018 season. Keeping the veteran is a decisive decision for the Bears. Whether or not he can play, Miller will receive $458,000. If he can play, then his salary will reach 790 million US dollars .

Miller suffered a dislocation of the knee last season and received emergency surgery to treat the tearing artery. He received nine surgeries before January of this year.

Miller said earlier that he wanted to continue his career rather than retire. Although we never question the player's determination, there are many difficulties to overcome in order to return to Miller. With this contract now, he can continue to retain the hope of return.