I am such a player. Having played Madden since 2000, it has has always been my primary game of choice, and I’ve always been…okay at it, especially in Ultimate Team. I’d beat bad players and then lose spectacularly to others, who seemed to know something I didn’t.

This year I vowed to figure out what I was missing, and found countless loud, awkward tutorials about money plays and defenses requiring a bunch of adjustments to function properly. What I wanted – and needed, wasn’t specific plays I could spam, but rather concepts I could implement: Complimentary routes, good ways to stop the run *and* stop over-the-top pass plays https://www.lolga.com/madden-mobile-coins .

I succeeded. Finding one semi-obscure YouTubers and two fairly popular ones, I am now in the ‘All Madden’ tier of Madden Ultimate team, got more wins in Weekend League than ever before, and am sitting at nearly 200k coins, with an 86 OVR team…and haven’t spent a dime beyond the game’s 60 dollar price tag.