Giants Jeff Samardzija's starting pitcher immediately lost three points, leaving the Giants head coach to take the opportunity to change the pitcher. After all, the game started, and the pitcher status was not ideal, causing the Giants to change pitchers. The timing started ahead of time, I agree with this schedule, the Giants last week's game pitching content is indeed very unstable, so the re-scheduling needs to be quickly and actively mobilized, to freeze the team's blood loss, only to have the power to counterattack, so the major league events All kinds of scheduling have, but this pitcher scheduling is to give recognition and recognition?

The Rocky team Kyle Freeland lost a three-pointer in the 5.1 game and is quite modest. Even though teammates provide support for the attack, the key is to help them through the crisis and help them through the most important wins and losses. The key point is that in addition to pitching techniques, the pitch crisis is not something that every pitcher can handle .