In the predicament of being embattled, Irving became disheartened and even moved forward to retire. However, there was no road to perfection. Manchester United lost to Champions League in the Champions League final that year. After the failure to bid for Benzema, it was urgent for a shooter to fill Manchester United's vacuum after Ronaldo left the team and turned his aim to Irving. “Ferguson told me at the time that he wanted Benzema, but if Benzema did not come, you would come. So, I am very happy that he went to Real Madrid and thank him. I was 29 years old at that time. Should I decide to retire?” recalls the beginning of the three-year Red Devils career, and Irving is still alive .

In the third quarter of Manchester United, Owen scored 17 goals in 52 games and won the Premiership title. The victory of Manchester City Derby 4:3 is its high light moment. However, Liverpool fans were particularly dissatisfied with Owen wearing Manchester United's No. 7 shirt. After the short-term braveness, the Owens were again completely wounded by injuries: In February 2010, he scored in the League Cup final. He was injured and reimbursed for the season and missed the South Africa World Cup. In the 2010-2011 season, Irving was suspended for two months because of a groin injury. The total time was three months. In November 2011, he also suffered a thigh injury in the UEFA Champions League and his first match with Galati was actually his final match at Manchester United.