If Beckham participates in all the training camps and preseason games of the Giants offseason, and if the body recovers to the point where he still does not get a new contract, the situation will be awkward. His desire for a new contract is no secret, especially when he sees the younger one of the 2014 draft picks signing a fat contract one by one. Beckham is even more impatient with the new contract. Compared with other players, David Beckham is considered a "cunning" player, and he hopes that his low profile can lead to the negotiation of new contracts. People like Karel-Mark, Aaron Donald and Zack Martin have decided to stay home and put pressure on the team through strike training and demand a new contract https://www.lolga.com/madden-mobile-account .

A person familiar with the matter told ESPN that as of last week, the team had not seriously sat down with Beckham to discuss the new contract. Schermer said on Tuesday that he and the general manager Dave Gaitman are currently in charge of the team's personnel rights, and they will be an important part of the negotiations.