Roy Keane believes that to fully activate Bogba must do two things, one of which is to re-buy a good midfielder in the summer. "He needs better players to help when I'm at Manchester United. At the time, there was a group of high-level players beside me and Pogba was not. If he had, he could have become better.” Second, Keane believes that light criticism is not enough, and Pogba still needs to learn to be good at self-criticism. . "Usually, good players always make self-criticism. When they play for a club like Manchester United, if they can't win the championship, you should criticize yourself ."

Obviously, Emery couldn’t spend the same amount of money as in the past. British media revealed that Arsenal’s transfer funds are 50 million pounds, which is equivalent to a quarter of Neymar. For example, Serri, Renault, Papadopoulos, and even Ottoman Dembele were all players that Emery wanted, but Arsenal's “subtle operation” model had to allow Emery to resell players. It's better to get a cheaper time and catch up with the division too.