The Las Vegas Golden Knights have advanced rather far in the Stanley Cup Tournament of Champions! Or so they tell me. Even as I’m only tangentially aware of their existence, it’s hard not to be impressed. They’re an expansion team, for Jaromir’s sake. A freaking expansion team. Those things aren’t supposed to be good.

Well, the Vegas Knights aren’t just good; they’re the greatest expansion team in the history of North American professional sports. They’re in the Stanley Cup Final. For perspective, the Buffalo Sabres, St. Louis Blues, and Vancouver Canucks have never won the Cup, and this ragtag bunch of slot jockeys might do it in their first season.

Expansion teams are supposed to be painful. The new fans are just supposed to be happy to be there, buying merchandise and foodstuffs, waiting for the first good team. The Mariners had to wait more than a decade to win more games than they lost, for example .