Psyonix announced that Rocket League, its soccer-meets-race-cars game released in 2015, is free to play via Steam from May 5-7. The company also cut the rice of the game's various purchase options--single copy, four-pack, and Game of the Year Edition--by 30% for the weekend.Rocket League has become something of a hit. Psyonix Studios announced in April that it now has 30 million players--a number that includes all the people who got it free as part of their PlayStation Plus membership, sure, but still nothing to sneeze at. Now you'll have a chance to experience the game for free on PC and, if you like its hectic mix of sports and over-the-top driving, pick it up for just 70% of the normal asking price .

In case you aren't familiar with the game: Rocket League tasks you with scoring against other players or teams by pushing giant balls into their zones with your vehicle. You'll have to navigate various arenas, skillfully time your boosts to get the most momentum, and carefully line up shots on the opposition's goal without pushing the ball into your own. Every match is as ridiculous and infuriating as it is hilarious and satisfying.