This can actually be taken as a negative. With Draft Champions getting rebranded as "MUT Drafts," the mode first introduced in Madden 16 will no longer have a free version to play online. Instead, you'll have to settle for playing against a friend or the CPU for no tangible benefits outside of fun. It's a little bit of a drag for those who genuinely enjoy Draft Champions and don't want to have to pay money to access it for multiplayer; but for those looking for MUT rewards, Ranked MUT Drafts and MUT Champions are the more economical options regardless. It's funny: I totally thought Draft Champions would be my preferred mode, but once the novelty wore off, I more or less stopped playing it. It just didn't have the staying power that I was expecting. I guess I wasn't alone .

This is for all the people who are terrified of getting off the line and actually usering a linebacker or a safety. Learning to user is a key step in becoming better at Madden, but it's easy to get lost and feel like you're blowing a coverage. The zone indicators help that by sticking to the player that you're supposed to be covering, serving as a useful visual aid in the middle of the chaos of a play. If you're still nervous about screwing up an assignment, you can hold R1 and your player will automatically play their position until you're ready to take over. It may not get nervous defenders to abandon the low risk pass rushing slot, but it's a start.