Hair is normal in your ear. But if you have a lot, you may ask why. Really, this is not surprising. Almost your entire body is covered in some form of hair. The only part without it is the palm of your hand, your lips and your feet.

There is hair outside and outside your ears. Usually, it is harmless, even if there are many.

What causes extra hair?

Doctors do not know why some people have so much. For many years, the researchers thought that this is a person with a genetic transmission through the Y chromosome. Recent studies show that this is not a fact.

Very long hair on the outer ear is rare. It is most common among men living in India and Sri Lanka. This is rare, but infants born to diabetic women may have hairy ears. Research shows that the better you control your illness during pregnancy, the less likely your baby will have it.

There is also a condition called hirsutism, in which the hair grows throughout the body. Some cases are hereditary, but most cases are not. Other reasons include:

• Some drugs
• Your metabolic or endocrine system disorders
• Malnutrition
• Abnormal growth of your ovaries or adrenals
• Infectious or inflammatory skin conditions

Hereditary hirsutism is usually accompanied by another condition, such as epilepsy, mental retardation or physical deformity.

Extra hair in the ear canal may have a higher risk of otitis externa (also known as the swimmer's ear). This is your outer ear infection. When water and bacteria are trapped and bacteria multiply, you can get it. More hair in the ears makes more places get stuck.

How do you get rid of it?

Furry ears do not cause any serious health problems, but if you don't like its look or feel, you can remove it. You have several choices:

Shave: For the cost of a shaver and some shaving creams, you can scrape it off. Disadvantages: You may cut yourself and the result will not last long. Your hair will grow back in 1-3 days. And your skin may be stimulated by a razor, or strands may not recover properly. This can lead to pain called embedded hair. To trim in your ears, use an electric shaver made for work rather than a straight razor.

Plucking: Grasp the bottom of a strand of hair with a tweezers and pull it out. Since it will start with root, it may take 1-8 weeks to recover.

Wax: Use cold wax or hot wax to remove hair and keep it for 2-8 weeks. After spreading the wax, it will harden. Use a paper strip to quickly pull out the wax, which also pulls out the hair.

Hair Removal Cream: Also known as depilatory. Use them only on the outside of your ears. Check the ingredients to make sure that you do not have an allergy to any of the ingredients before you try.

808nm diode laser hair removal: Professionals will aim your hair bulb and use heat to destroy it. It's expensive and can take 6-8 sessions, but it's forever getting rid of hair.

808 diode laser hair removal device
808nm diode laser hair removal machine