NHL delivers an even more throwback mode in the arcade-y "Threes." Think of this as a fusion of NBA Jam and classic NHL hockey; you're playing with all the nuanced controls, but the game is stripped down to 3-on-3 ice action, with simpler rules to facilitate swifter play. There are power-ups and other little bits, too, even unlockable mascot play, and that all makes the game play faster and more electric. It's a smart changeup from everything else in the package, with surprising depth: You can play through a campaign mode in Threes as well https://www.onlinegameshop.com/nhl-18-coins .

It's all a solid sports video game package from a quietly solid sports video game. NHL 18 isn't destined to go down as one of the greatest sports games you've ever played, but make no mistake about this: It is solid fun.

Sports simulation is a genre that I like in theory, but every time I pick up NHL or Madden, it’s like my knowledge of the sport doesn’t transfer at all to success in the video game version. But that has changed with NHL 18 because, for the first time, the tutorials and teaching systems are making me a better player.