Do not want to go back to Dott as a coach

Liverpool manager Klopp spoke of his own rumors with FIFA Coins Bayern in an interview. He emphasized that he had never had any contact with this Bundesliga giant.

As coach Heynckes will retire again after the end of the season, Bayern had previously been associated with a number of marshals, including Kroop currently coaching Liverpool. Now this Bundesliga giants have finalized Frankfurt coach Kovacs as the new coach next season.

Talking about previous rumors with Bayern, Klopp said: “Actually, my contract has no breach clause. If Bayern is interested in me, then no matter what kind of decision I make, the actual operation will be very difficult, because I Liverpool also had four years of contracts and they were not dissatisfied with me. So first Bayern did not ask me about this. This is very reasonable."

"I can't rule out the possibility of ending this job one day. I think the game here is very intense. I don't want to die on the coach's seat. If I leave Liverpool, I definitely want to take a year off. I have a clear relationship with my family. protocol."

When talking about the possibility of ( … KLR6w) returning to Dortmund, Klopp replied: "I don't want to go back because of the good old days. I had a great time with Dortmund in Mainz. It looks like I will go back one day. But not necessarily as a coach."