It is not difficult to enjoy playing football in Liverpool

Chamberlain, who moved from Arsenal to Liverpool last summer, was recently interviewed by the media. The midfielder revealed that he was very fond of life in the new club. He also said that he can become part of a team with so many supporters since childhood. Some dreams.

The 24-year-old decided to FIFA Coins leave Arsenal for many years and moved to Liverpool on the final day of the summer transfer window in hopes of helping his career go further. However, his start at Merseyside was somewhat slow. In the 11 games after the completion of the transfer, Chamberlain only got a starter, and he only entered the team's main lineup in the first half of the season.

However, since entering 2018, with the departure of Coutinho and Chamberlain gradually adapt to the team's tactics, this midfielder has become an important force for the Klopp team. In the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals against Manchester City, the English player scored a long-range shot. After the goal, Chamberlain rushed to the KOP stand, wishing to vent his heart. This picture is undoubtedly He is the epitome of Liverpool's excellent status at the moment.

Chamberlain once again performed well in the 3-0 win over Bournemouth. He sent assists for his teammate Philino in the second half to help the latter score the third goal of the team. After the match, Liverpool coach Klopp praised the performance of this lover in an interview. Chamberlain said in an interview that he is very happy to play in Liverpool.

He said: "I like to play here. When you go to the stadium to hear the fans singing, playing here and enjoying the game is not a very difficult thing. The same is true for the match that beats Bournemouth. It's not hard to enjoy your own football here, really. Especially when you are in good shape, when we get good grades, it's like now."

"At the moment, the team's condition is very good. At this time, playing is really enjoyable. But we still need to stay focused. I need to stay focused, focus on maintaining the performance level at the moment, and strive for further promotion to help the ball. The team goes ahead." … KLR6w