The letter brother push fast attack to set off counterattack

In the second quarter, the offensive efficiency of the Green Army was significantly reduced, with only two points in the first three minutes. The brother relied on the fast break to bring the stag's rhythm, directly hitting a wave of 8-2 and 5 points to force the Green Army to pause. After returning, the Bucks continued to storm and tied directly after a wave of 5-0.

Rozelle was divided into the Green Army to stop the bleeding, Baines hit the basket, Brown had a second attack, and the Greens took a 7-0 lead. Middleton forced the Bucks to break the deadlock, and Horford hit the board with a high degree of difficulty, allowing the game to enter the rhythm of the attack. Before the end of this section, Rozil broke through the dunks, allowing the Green's lead to 9 points. At halftime, the Greens led the Bucks 60-51. … KLR6w